Find the Medicare Plan That's Right for You

Is a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Supplement plan right for you? Our online Medicare Plan Finder can help. Use it to find a plan that might be a good match for your healthcare needs.

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Learn More About Medicare

What's the difference between Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement? We make it easy to understand.

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Blue KC Medicare Plans

We offer two all-in-one Blue Medicare Advantage (HMO) plans and several Medicare Supplement plans based on your financial preferences and healthcare needs.

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Local Support

Get more answers to better understand Medicare. Talk to a Blue KC representative, attend a seminar, visit a Live Blue store and more.

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Annual Enrollment Period

October 15 - December 7

During the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), you can enroll in a Medicare plan or switch to a different one.

Special Enrollment Period

Find out why you may be eligible to join a Medicare plan outside the Annual Enrollment Period.

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